Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the right mover?

We strongly recommend taking the time to research the moving company that you are interested in prior to making the first contact as you want to ensure the following:

  • The company is a registered and reputable company
  • Operates during regular business hours
  • The sales staff you are speaking to is trained, quick to respond and easily accessible
  • The company provides all details, quotes and confirmations in writing for your reference
  • An inventory form is made available to ensure an accurate quote
  • The moving agreement confirms the rates and charges that were quote

The sales agent you are booking with will be assisting you throughout the entire move process, so it is important to ensure that they are knowledgeable about the industry and easily accessible.

How to choose the best moving date

Canadian Premium Van Lines recommends reserving your move on a weekday rather than a weekend if possible as those dates do get quite busy. We also do not recommend booking your move on your closing date or if you have a flight scheduled as you don’t want to be stressed on the moving date about the time. Most clients have a specific date in mind on which they want to move, just inquire with your sales agent if that date is available so that the arrangements can be made!.

Who packs the boxes?

Our services include free blanket wrapping of all large furniture items, however any other packing materials would be an additional cost. The basic service does not include packing of boxes or any other packing materials. If you require assistance with packing or you would like to purchase packing materials, please inquire with our moving experts in advance of your moving date and we would be happy to quote you our packing prices and make the arrangements if needed.

When should I book my moving date?

We recommend booking your move 3-6 weeks in advance of your preferred moving date to ensure availability, the earlier you can make the reservation the easier it will be for our staff to work around your schedule and make the appropriate arrangements for your move.

However, if you are not able to book your move with plenty of notice, we can still make the accommodations for your move, although we may just need some flexibility on your part to meet your needs.

How long will the move take from beginning to end?

The time that it takes from pick-up to delivery varies based on your origin and destination locations, and many factors can affect the transit time. If you are moving to or from a remote location, or if a ferry is needed this can affect your timeline.

Also keep in mind that if you are moving in the winter months, road and weather conditions can affect transit times.

When booking your move we recommend inquiring with our Moving Experts on the anticipated time frame for arrival of your items, and although we regularly meet the estimated transit times we always recommend to allow for some extra time just in case.

Is storage available?

Many of our clients do require a period of storage while searching or waiting for their new home, whether it is short term or long term. Canadian Premium Van Lines offers several storage options in many locations across Canada.

If you require storage, please inquire with your sales agent in advance of your moving date to plan for your needs, however most of our locations can typically accommodate last minute storage arrangements.

Do you offer vehicle shipping?

Our priority is to ensure the best quality of care for your household items; however, we know that moving your vehicle is sometimes a package deal. Although we do not offer the vehicle shipping within our standard services, we can arrange this service with a third-party carrier upon request.

Inquire with your Moving Expert for a quote on shipping your vehicle at a discounted rate when booking alongside your household move. The reservation for vehicle shipping must be arranged at least 1-2 weeks in advance in most locations and more notice may be required in remote areas.

Preparing and budgeting for your move

How to choose the right mover?

To obtain an accurate quote for your move and prepare for your moving expenses, we recommend providing your Moving Expert a detailed inventory list of belongings to be moved.

Based on the information submitted we can provide you with a proper quote for your move, as well as ensure we are reserving the appropriate amount of space, labour and equipment that is required. For this reason, we ask that the inventory list provided is as accurate and thorough as possible to ensure a proper quote can be given.

When and how do I pay for the move?

Payment for the move is Collected Upon Delivery (COD) prior to the truck being offloaded at the point of destination. At times, payment may be required prior to loading and departures due to locations of delivery. To reserve the space for your move we will require a non-refundable deposit that will be deducted from your final balance.

If storage is required (past our free storage period) a payment plan can be arranged for the monthly fees to ensure you stay within the budget you have planned for.

Canadian Premium Van Lines has several payment methods available including email transfer, Visa/Mastercard, Cash, Certified Cheque and Bank Draft. All payment methods and terms will be included in your moving agreement for your review as well

Are there additional or undisclosed fees I should be aware of?

To ensure that you can properly budget for your move, we do not hide or surprise our clients with additional/undisclosed fees. However, additional charges may apply if you require additional services.

As long as we are provided with an accurate inventory list and details about your origin and destination location we can properly prepare and inform you of any potential additional charges that may be applicable to your move. Our staff must be informed of any details that may affect the move including space limitations at origin or destination, entry or exit concerns or potential packing requirements as these may affect your billing.

If there are any additional services or needs required at the time of pickup or delivery, our crew or sales team will ensure to clearly explain the cost and you will be required to initial/approve the additional charges before proceeding. This allows all parties a full understanding of the cost for the move and the ability to budget accordingly.

Upon finalizing your reservation with our services, you will receive a confirmation for your records that will detail all rates and potential applicable charges. This will provide you with a chance to review the agreement and if you have any questions our sales team would be happy to assist you and provide any clarification needed.

The relocation of your belongings

How will you ensure my belongings arrive clean and safely?

All moving crew are trained to ensure the proper handling and safe arrival of all your belongings. The crew will bring the appropriate materials needed to ensure the items are safe and clean while in transit.

For larger furniture pieces (i.e., dressers, tables, TV stands, etc.) the crew will provide high quality moving blankets for padding while in transit. For any upholstered items (i.e., sofas, mattresses, etc.) we strongly recommend plastic covers be used to ensure their safety while in transit. This can be done prior to the movers’ arrival, or the plastic covers can be purchased from the crew at time of pickup at a reduced rate. For a list of packing prices please feel free to inquire with our Moving Experts prior to your moving date.

Am I able to pack my own belongings?

The basic quote does not include the packing of your belongings into boxes as this would be a specialty service, however it does include the protective padding of your large furniture pieces. The contents of your home must be packed into boxes or closed containers as we would not be able to ship any items in plastic or garbage bags. To reduce the risk of damages or loss we recommend reviewing our tips page when packing your boxes.

The basic mover’s liability that is included in your service does not cover self-packed/owner packed boxes, if you need any clarification on what the liability includes, please contact your moving expert.

If you are interested in any packing services or purchasing any packing materials and want to review our price list, please feel free to discuss this with our sales team.

Can I leave the drawers/cabinets of my dressers full?

We do not recommend keeping any items in your drawers/cabinets during transit as this may lead to damages of the contents of the drawers as well as the furniture pieces themselves.

When possible, please ensure all the contents of your drawers are packed appropriately into boxes, totes or even suitcases.

Will the movers dismount my televisions, art pieces and curtains at the time of pickup?

Any items that are mounted on walls or fastened to brackets must be dismounted prior to the movers’ arrival as we are unable to offer this service.

In the case you would need assistance in packing any of these items we can make those arrangements. Please inquire with our sales team and our staff would be happy to provide you with a quote for those services.

Will my items be disassembled and reassembled?

Included in our basic service is the basic disassembly of all large furniture items to ensure safe transit of your items. The disassembly is also done to ensure the larger pieces can fit through doorways and avoid any potential damages or scratches to your walls. Please note: we do not offer reassembly and it is not included with the quote. If you require reassembly service, please inquire with your Moving Expert who will be able to provide you with a quote for this service.

Certain furniture pieces need specialty equipment for disassembly, if this is the case please speak to your Moving Expert about this so that the appropriate arrangements can be made.

Is there a weight limit for my items?

There are no weight limitations on your shipment, regardless of the weight of the items our crew will be able to accommodate your move. We simply ask that the boxes packed can withstand the weight of the contents as this ensures their safety. We usually recommend that boxes are not heavier than 40-50 lbs.

Can I move my plants and pets with my household belongings?

When shipping your household items, we understand that live plants may be a part of this process, however we do recommend avoiding doing so alongside your household belongings. Simply put, we cannot guarantee that they will arrive alive. If possible, we recommend making arrangements to take them on hand, however if you do decide to pack them in your shipment, please ensure they are packed securely in boxes or plastic bins. This will ensure they do not risk damage to the rest of your belongings.

Although our crew is always happy to be welcomed by a furry friend (or even a scaly one), we would not be able to safely ship any animals with your household belongings. We know your pet is part of your family, so we recommend making separate arrangements for their travel to your destination in advance.

Are there any items I am unable to ship?

The Highway Traffic Act does not allow certain items to be shipped due to a concern for public safety. Some dangerous goods can be shipped under controlled conditions (such as firearms), however the shipping of these items must be disclosed to your sales agent prior to the pickup. This will allow our staff to advise you on the appropriate conditions required to ship these items and avoid any potential hazards or danger to your shipment and our crew.

Canadian Premium Van Lines does not take responsibility for any restricted items included in the shipment if not disclosed to our staff.

Below is a list of items we do not ship:

  • Jewelry
  • Anything combustible (i.e. gasoline, propane, propane tanks or fire extinguishers)
  • Ammunition
  • Food with the exception of non-perishable items
  • Animals
  • Plants
  • Liquids

Will the movers deliver inside of my new home?

Once your shipment is arriving to your delivery location dispatch will contact you to confirm your delivery. At the time the movers arrive the contents of your home will be delivered to their specific rooms as requested, however the boxes would be placed into one main room. This will allow you to later sort through the boxes when unpacking.

Can I change my moving date after the move is confirmed?

Our Moving Experts understand that certain circumstances are unavoidable, therefore if you need to reschedule your moving date our team can always assist in making these changes (without penalty) as long as there is flexibility with our availability.

We simply ask that you give our staff as much notice as possible so that these arrangements can be made.

What time will the crew arrive on our scheduled moving date?

Our dispatch will contact you one business day prior to your scheduled pickup date to confirm all your moving details as well as your moving time window. If you have any restrictions (such as elevator times) please notify your Moving Expert as early as possible for our dispatch to accommodate the time frame. We recommend scheduling your moving date on a day where you have no other plans, especially travel accommodations or the closing of your home.

What if I cannot be present on my moving date?

Although it is not recommended to make other plans on your moving date, we know sometimes this can not be avoided. It is important that you are present at time of pick-up as you want to be available to advise the movers on what items need to be moved, however if this is not possible you would need to ensure someone is present on your behalf as your proxy. We recommend ensuring this individual is aware of what items need to be moved and can guide the movers in the handling of your belongings. If there are any additional charges applicable to your move, the crew will explain this to your dedicated personnel and have them sign/initial on your behalf.

Please ensure your Moving Expert and dispatch are provided with the contact information of the individual who will be present on your behalf.

How can I track my shipment while in transit?

Our website has a tracking service that will allow you to track your shipment on its route to your delivery location. You are also welcome to contact your Moving Expert at any time for any ETAs or updates on the status of your belongings.