Moving Costs

Moving Costs

Budgeting for your Local Move

No matter how big your move is, rest assured our Moving Experts will ensure the moving process is as simple and stress free as can be. Our professional staff will customize a plan for your specific moving needs. The first step in this process is to establish a budget that works for you and your family to ensure you avoid any unwanted surprises or unneeded stress!

When budgeting for your local move, our sales team begins with a general quote based on your pick-up and delivery location and the distance in between. Your quote is then adjusted to suit your needs, based on the items you are moving, when you are planning to move and whether storage accommodations would be needed. Our Moving Experts specialized in local moves and ensures the transition to your new home is smooth and stress free!

For further information on budgeting for your local move, feel free to reach out to one of our professional sales agents for a customized quote for your moving needs!

Budgeting for your Long Distance or International Relocations

Our dedicated sales team is ready to tailor a customized plan for your move, no matter how far the distance. Long distance moves are typically charged based on the weight, size and distance. Rates and prices can be tailored around any packing or storage requirements.

All reputable carriers will offer an estimation tool to ensure an accurate estimate is provided based on the items you are moving. Although a general quote is originally provided, our Moving Experts will ensure to also provide you with a detailed estimate form to fill out to ensure an accurate quote is provided.

This will ensure that you are able to budget for all your expenses and avoid any unwanted surprises. Simply ask your dedicated Moving Expert for a more precise quote and you will be guided through this quick and easy process.
A detailed inventory list of items to be provided will be collected by your Moving Expert and based on this information a detailed and accurate quote will be generated. Our staff works with you to plan your budget for the items listed, however it is important to note that if the inventory increases, the final price will increase accordingly.

So long as our sales team is provided with an accurate inventory list prior to your pick-up date, your budget can be established to ensure a smooth transition. Canada’s Premium Van Lines is proud to offer high quality and professional service at competitive and affordable rates!