International Relocation

International Relocation

Whether you are relocating across the border or internationally, Canadian Premium Van Lines and its global partners are here to assist with every step of the way. Our moving experts know their way around customs and will assist and prepare you for every step of the way.

Our moving experts will ensure that your customs forms are ready and correct before the goods are moving to ensure a smooth transition and no delays. As a trusted carrier that has been doing this for years, our moving experts will ensure that you are educated on Customs policies and procedures.

Did you know? When you move from Canada to US it is not necessary for you to be present as we can arrange customs clearance for your goods. Your household goods and personal effects are permitted to enter the U.S. duty-free providing they have been in your possession and used by you for at least one year.

With the right assistance from our moving experts and the right paperwork we will take care of clearing customs for you. Whether you are moving from Canada to US or vice versa, this is something we can help you with.

Canada to USA required paperwork:

  • Completed 3299 Form
  • Valid Passport clear copies
  • Work or Student Visa
  • Visa validation stamp
  • We are usually able to clear your shipment for delivery to residence providing all of your documentation is in order. If there is a problem, the shipment will be placed ‘IN BOND’ at the closest customs office to your new home. You will be required to personally appear to clear your goods
  • U.S. Customs will verify this information when your moving truck arrives at the border. If there is any problem with your immigration status, U.S. Customs may turn your shipment back. As a result, you will incur additional charges for border delays, the cost of returning your shipment to origin and storage until the matter is sorted out

USA to Canada:

Clearance of your household goods entering Canada is done in person at a Canada Customs Facility in or near your destination/delivery address. The crew is not permitted to deliver your personal possessions to your new home until the goods are cleared at Canada Customs facility.

Here is what you may need to clear your shipment:

  • Valid passport
  • Detailed list of inventory and purchase receipts
  • Work/student visa
  • Marriage certificate
  • Proof of ownership or lease for a property
  • Proof of residence in US/Canada

In the event that there are any duties, fees or taxes owing to Canada Customs, you will be required to pay before the goods are released for delivery.