In-Transit Coverage or Movers Liability

In-Transit Coverage or Movers Liability

Our dedicated staff partake in extensive and comprehensive training to ensure the safety and careful handling of all your belongings. The safety of your home and its contents is of the utmost importance to our staff as we ensure careful handling throughout the entire moving process. Unfortunately, accidents can happen, therefore we do recommend reviewing all available coverage options prior to your moving date.

What happens if my items are damaged or lost?

Canada’s Premium Van Lines takes great care in the handling and safety of your belongings from point of origin to the point of delivery. However, accidents can happen so it is always best to be prepared and know what your next steps would be if this situation does arise.

It is important to let your moving expert know immediately if there are any damages or losses to your shipment so this can be addressed right away. Your moving expert will walk you through our claims process in which you will have 10 days from the date of delivery to submit our claim form and all necessary documents.

How does the coverage work?

Declared/Released Value Protection or Basic Liability is basic coverage that is required by all carriers of household items, and this is included within the cost of your move.

This coverage is at the rate of $0.60 per pound, per article for any items that would be damaged beyond repair or lost. This basic coverage is contained in all contracts for moving of household effects and its included with the cost of your move

  • Under released valuation, the mover’s liability is limited to $0.60 per pound ($1.32 per kg) per article for household goods under provincial conditions of carriage regulations. This would mean that a table weighing 100 lb. that is being shipped and which is damaged beyond repair would result in a cash settlement of $60 (100 lb. x $0.60 per lb.) even if the actual replacement cost of the table were $1,000.

Released valuation limits your claim to a maximum amount which is based on the total weight of your shipment (including the weight of cartons). For example, in the unlikely event of a total loss, let’s say by fire, your maximum protection would be $0.60 per pound multiplied by the weight of your entire shipment If your shipment weighed 5,000 lbs., the maximum settlement would be $3,000 (5,000 lbs. x $0.60 per lb. = $3,000).

You should check with your insurance agent to find out if you have alternate insurance on your household possessions that provides a complete, all risk protection during loading, unloading, transportation and storage.

There is a deductible applicable to all submitted claims.

What can I do to reduce the risks of losses and damages?

Our eager and knowledgeable Moving Experts always have tips and tricks to assist in packing your belongings to ensure their safety during transit. Feel free to inquire with your moving expert on the best way to pack your items prior to your pick-up date!

It is always recommended when packing boxes that they are packed full, as leaving them half empty does increase the risk of damage to the items (as they can shift in transit). If you have any oddly shaped items please ensure they are packed properly, you can always inquire with your sales agent on the best packing method.

For any further advice or any questions regarding packing your home please feel free to contact our helpful staff so we can offer our assistance.

Can I purchase additional coverage?

Canada’s Premium Van Lines does have additional coverage options that can be purchased prior to your pick-up date, for an additional cost. Please inquire with your sales agent for further information regarding this coverage, as there may be restrictions in some cases.

If you decide that you would like to purchase additional coverage, this request must be put in writing at least 1 business day prior to your pick-up date so that your sales agent can make the appropriate arrangements for this.

Please note that although additional coverage may be offered, this is still not replacement coverage. We highly recommend contacting a third-party insurance company for additional coverage. If you have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance already, you may contact your provider to see if your move may already be covered under your current policy.